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CHEMinistry Membership Policies

(Revised 9/13/23)


As a Christian-based organization, it is the expectation for every member of CHEMinistry to conduct themselves in such a way as to be beyond reproach. Members are not only representing homeschoolers and the organization, but more importantly, they are representing what it means to be Christ-followers.

1 Peter 3:8  --  Finally, all of you be of one mind, having compassion for one another, love as brothers, be tenderhearted, be courteous...


Parents, or designated caregivers, will be the first line of enforcement of this code of conduct as it relates to their children or children in their care. All participants, students, and parents are required to always respect and adhere to the following guidelines when attending CHEMinistry-sponsored events or groups. Please note CHEMinistry subgroups (e.g. co-op, Kairos, robotics, field trips, etc.) may have additional guidelines in relation to their specific activities. The following are general CHEMinistry guidelines for all members:

  1. Respect and obey those in authority.

  2. Respect and honor peers. This helps to prevent discord within the community. See Appendix 1 for additional details. 

  3. Respect private and/or public property and belongings.

  4. Abstain from all verbal or written profanity, which includes taking the Lord’s name in vain.

  5. All clothing shall be modest and in accordance with the person's biological sex at birth. See Appendix 2 for additional details. 

  6. Understand that any form of sexual harassment (unwanted or unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature) will not be tolerated.

  7. Abstain from using or having possession of any alcohol, tobacco, vaping, or electronic cigarettes products, or illegal substances.

  8. Understand that without the State of Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CPL), weapons are strictly prohibited (firearms, knives (excluding small pocket knives), tasers, pepper spray, etc.). Please refer to MCL 28.425o and MCL.28.425c for more information, including prohibited premises.


Of course, we all understand that children misbehave at times. An advantage of homeschooling is that, in most cases, we get to be with our children to help train and guide them through new or difficult social situations. One of the reasons for participating in group activities, such as CHEMinistry-sponsored events, is to have opportunities for social training that we might not have within our own homes. Because we are partnering with other homeschooling parents, we should be surrounded by friends who understand the trials and joys of this significant responsibility.

In the event that an offense occurs, Matthew 18:15-17 will be the guiding Scripture. Please follow these steps: start privately, then, if necessary, involve one or two witnesses, and finally, if it becomes necessary to go before the group, the CHEMinistry board will be involved. Since gossip is also a sin, refrain from discussing any offenses with anyone not involved. Actions that stray from Biblical principles will be reported to CHEMinistry leadership for resolution.


Because CHEMinistry is not funded publicly and for the safety and protection of its membership, CHEMinistry reserves the right to DENY [or REVOKE] membership to any applicant for any reasons undisclosed to the applicant. Upon the decision by the CHEMinistry’s Board of Directors, the registrar will send a letter of denial [or removal], which may or may not list the reason(s) for the denial [or removal] of membership. In the case of denial of membership, the registration fee will be refunded. In the case of removal of membership (e.g. not adhering to the membership policies and all methods of handling offenses have been exhausted- see Matthew 18), the registration fee will not be refunded.