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Appendix 2: Dress Guide

(Rev. 6/2/23)

As a Christian homeschool organization, we want our attire to be orderly, moderate, reserved, and decent1  – in a way that expresses our Christian character.  We desire for our members to feel at ease and dress comfortably.  We do have a minimum expectation in the form of a dress guide while avoiding legalistic regulations.2

While the appropriate dress recommendations will vary based on the specific occasion or event (i.e. informal, business, or formal attire),  CHEMinistry desires for members to distinguish their attire by biological gender. We believe God immutably created each person as either male or female and that CHEMinistry members are expected to conform their conduct and dress to reflect these beliefs.3

During informal gatherings (e.g. field trips, co-op, park days, ice cream social, etc.), unless specified otherwise, casual clothing is appropriate. Please be aware some events and gatherings (e.g. debate and certain field trips) may require more business-like attire, but not necessarily to the extent of a formal gathering.  

CHEMinistry-sponsored semi-formal and formal events are special occasions (e.g. Regency ball, banquets, graduation, ceremonies, etc.). Therefore, preferable attire for ladies includes dresses, skirts, blouses, dress sweaters, and dress slacks, while recommended attire for gentlemen includes dress shirts and dress pants, preferably with neckties and suit coats. Please, no denim at formal events unless specifically for the occasion (e.g. square dance).

The success of future CHEMinistry events and gatherings is dependent on the like-mindedness of the organization to avoid potential divisions and quarrels.4

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the CHEMinistry board at [email protected].

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